If You Are a High Earner But When You Look at Your Bank Account It Doesn't Feel That Way...

This Is Exactly What You Should Do To Start Getting Your Financial Life In Order In The Next 28 Days 

Building A Money Management System From Scratch

What we are doing...

  • We are setting up your automated wealth system utilizing the WPC method. 
  • We will troubleshoot your financial position to see where we can reduce expenses, increase income and/or pay off debt.
  • We will set up your Wealth Builder Portfolio with a basket of stocks that work for you.

At the end of our time together you will have a completely automated money management system that puts your personal wealth at the highest priority. 

How we are doing it...

Every weekday (M-F) for four weeks, there will be a short video lesson telling you the exact steps you need to take to create your money management system. This is not a course with a bunch of content you've already seen, these are action oriented videos where I expect you to do the work and report back when completed.

Once a week I will do a live Q&A inside our members only Facebook Group. Submit your questions inside the group and I will answer them live on the call.

[For the first 20 members who register] - At the end of our four weeks together you can choose to have a one on one call with me to help you finalize your system or answer any personal questions you might have had that you did not want to discuss on the live calls. Your success in completing your system is my highest priority. 

The Requirements...

  • You must be willing to put in the work. This is not just content for you to watch and do nothing with. By the end of this program you will have a money management system in place. 
  • This solution is geared towards high earning individuals. The techniques used greatly benefit those who are making six figures a year or greater. 
  • You must be willing to be learn new ways of thinking about money. Some of your former habits might need to be altered or removed. Come prepared with an open mind.

The Details...

Start date: June 15, 2020

Program Length: 4 weeks

Registration Ends: When the timer below hits zero

Investment: $200, That's it!

For about $7 a day you are getting the system that will put you on the path to building your wealth automatically. 


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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser nor your personal financial advisor. This program is for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses.